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Have you ever wanted a simple and safe solution to protect your children while surfing the Internet? With SpeednetWeb’s WiFi Kids offer, you can finally get the peace of mind you deserve while your children explore the digital world.

With a single modem and two separate accesses, the WiFi Kids offer offers you the possibility of creating a dedicated connection for the little ones, guaranteeing a safe and controlled online environment. Thanks to this innovative solution, you will be sure that your children will be safe from dangerous sites and inappropriate content.

The first access is reserved for adults, allowing them to navigate normally without restrictions. You will have the freedom to access all the content you need, without compromises or limitations.  

Access Second is specifically designed for your little digital explorers. With the dangerous site blocker feature, you can rest easy knowing your children will be protected from inappropriate content, malware and online scams.  

Intelligent and customizable filters allow you to manage and control access to specific websites, ensuring a safe and age-appropriate online environment for your children. 

SpeednetWeb’s WiFi Kids offer is the ideal choice for all families who wish to offer their children a safe and secure online experience. With our reliable connection and advanced safety features, you can rest assured that you are offering your children a safe digital environment, while keeping the browsing freedom for yourself.  

Don’t compromise the safety of your little ones when it comes to the internet. Choose the SpeednetWeb WiFi Kids offer and give your children safe and secure online browsing. Contact us on 0823-718023 or write to us at info@speednetweb.it for further information and to immediately activate this extraordinary offer.  

Protect your little ones, protect your peace of mind – SpeednetWeb’s WiFi Kids is the solution you were looking for!

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