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In the heart of the suggestive scenario of Sannio, Caseificio Iaquilat rises, a company that embodies the authentic local culture. Founded in 1935 as a small laboratory by grandfather Domenico, today it represents a highly successful company, always in search of innovation and in constant expansion. In this context, SpeednetWeb’s ultra-fast fiber has played a fundamental role, opening the doors of technology to let the world know the goodness of rural traditions.

The power of the digital connection:

SpeednetWeb is proud to have been chosen by Caseificio Iaquilat as a supplier of ultra-fast connectivity. The fast and reliable connection offered by SpeednetWeb has allowed this company of excellence to carry out its administrative activities efficiently and to maintain connections with the latest generation machinery, always guaranteeing extremely high quality standards.

The union between nature and technology:

The synergy between the natural wealth of the area and the technological solutions offered by SpeednetWeb has allowed Caseificio Iaquilat to transform its fascinating provincial stories into real success stories. Through the use of the internet, the company has had the opportunity to make the genuineness of its products known to the world, which are made following rigorous standards of excellence.

Excellence that travels beyond borders:

Thanks to the connection provided by SpeednetWeb, Caseificio Iaquilat was able to expand its geographical reach, reaching new markets and customers all over the world. The combination of the highest quality milk production and high-speed connectivity has allowed the company to bring authentic local culture to distant tables, arousing appreciation and satisfaction.

The digital transformation of rural traditions:

Caseificio Iaquilat is a concrete example of how technology, if applied correctly, can support and enhance rural traditions. Through the connectivity of SpeednetWeb, the company was able to exploit the potential of the internet to make the world know the goodness of its products, helping to preserve and promote the local culture.

The collaboration between SpeednetWeb and Caseificio Iaquilat is a successful example of how high-speed connectivity can support local businesses in their path of growth and development. Technology becomes a fundamental ally for making the excellence of a territory known to the world and preserving the most authentic traditions. Caseificio Iaquilat represents a shining example of how the digital connection.